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Hear and talk to A-List Psychic/Mediums, Numerologists, Intuitive Hand Analysts, Astrologers, Akashic Record Readers, Pet Communicators and much, much more in the metaphysical world.

What you will discover about Metaphysical Professionals:

  • Not everything in the Psychic/Medium world is haunting or frightening;
  • Teens and young people benefit noticeably when metaphysical tools for their self-worth and esteem issues are shared with them;
  • People are endlessly curious about knowing more about themselves and others, like what makes them unique or how they can move through those big challenges with more ease;
  • This unique kind of insight helps with your career, love life, finances and family issues in ways proven to uplift and benefit you.

Beyond Logic Podcast brings you top talent with a global outreach, proven track records and a heart for helping people just like you.


Beyond Logic Podcast Teaser

“Definitely out of the box!”

Beyond Logic Podcast Teaser

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Podcast Episodes

Episode 29: Starring Rhonda Harris

Episode 28: Starring Angie Hungerford

Episode 27: Starring Julie Erbe

Episode 26: Starring Allison Hayes

Episode 25: Starring Nancy D’Erasmo

Episode 24: Starring Christina

Episode 23: Starring Lori Spagna

Psychic of the Year

Because of her exceptional work as a top Psychic Medium and her compassion to help people in need, Bobbi Allison is our Psychic of the Year!

Bobbi is a natural teacher. She uses her gifts to touch people with love in such an inspiring way. Her BIG Gift goes hand in hand with her BIG heart. Bobbi uses her gifts to raise money for the Forever Family Foundation, Ronald McDonald House and Beauty Ball. Help Bobbi with her quest to heal!
The Forever Family Foundation helps grieving families with their loss of a loved one. To find out more

Ronald McDonald House of Long Island, Hyde Park, Where Bobbi helps raise money for Food and Housing. To help these families in need go to:

Beauty Ball, if you have been diagnosed with Cancer and Currently in treatment Monday’s at Racine will change your life and self-esteem. Beauty ball helps teaches women how to shave their heads, where wigs, make eye-brows and lashes. If you would like to learn more or donate go to


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Once a month join the top talent of experts in the Metaphysical world. Come and listen to a new world and ways to tap into your own potential to develop, create and discover something to guide your life in the right direction.

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