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” I call my channel the Eye Inside because I believe in cultivating self-awareness and trust. When we remove our external stimuli (job, family) and tune in to what our body is telling us, we begin to recognize when we are working against our higher selves. What is your body telling you? Is it tight and restricted or open and fluid?
My mom has been reading tarot professionally since I was 6. To me, it is another form of connection to my higher self and the divine. I’ve been reading on and off my whole life. Tarot became a part of my daily practice 3 years ago. When I am not reading tarot, I am spending time with my daughter, working at a Montessori School, or managing my own volunteer-run nonprofit whose focus is humanitarian work. (Sotheycanthrive.org)

I believe a shift in our collective is coming. Now is the time for us to show up. Show up for ourselves and each other.”

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