Podcast Episodes

Episode 29: Starring Rhonda Harris

Episode 28: Starring Angie Hungerford

Episode 27: Starring Julie Erbe

Episode 26: Starring Allison Hayes

Episode 25: Starring Nancy D’Erasmo

Episode 24: Starring Christina

Episode 23: Starring Lori Spagna

Episode 22: Psychic Young Adults Edition – Starring Aaron Naughton

Episode 21: Starring Derek Newman

Episode 20: Starring Joshua-John

Episode 19: Starring Carl Seaver

Episode 18: Starring Kimyatta Williams

Episode 17: Psychic Young adult Edition – Joe Perreta

Episode 16: Starring Shiro Nobunaga

Episode 15: Starring Jocelyn Coleman

Episode 14: Starring Bobbi Allison

Episode 13: Starring Katherine Glass

Episode 12: Starring Mark Chabus

Episode 11: Starring Meagan Sandstedt

Episode 10: Starring Ann O’Brien

Episode 9: Starring Vincent Genna

Episode 8: Pyschic Children’s Edition – Grace

Episode 7: Starring Lisa Greenfield

Episode 6: Starring Kathy Biehl

Episode 5: Starring Anthony Mikolojeski

Episode 4: Starring Gina Simone

Episode 3: Starring Debbi McGillivray

Episode 2: Starring Anne Deidre

Episode 1: Starring Jill Jackson

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