Alicia Bowling

Podcast host

Alicia Bowling is a passionate writer who develops entertaining shows for television. As the Executive Producer of TLC’s Mama’s Boys of the Bronx, Alicia found that being curious, clever and witty paid off. Always one to find the humor in everyday life situations, Alicia made producing Reality TV her permanent career.

She founded her own company, Creative Laughter Productions represented by WME, to provide viewers with a wide array of uplifting and engaging shows – from Psychic Entertainment, Pop Culture, Comedy, Style and Glamour. “Creative Laughter Productions invites audiences to see their world in a more positive, inspirational and humorous way!”says Alicia. “I’ve definitely thrown out the crystal ball and blue eye shadow aspect of psychic awareness.

These metaphysical shows are relatable, entertaining, educational and fun! The goal is to create shows that people can identify with and learn from, in the most unexpected ways!” Currently, Creative Laughter TV has over 25 shows in development with startling array of talent that includes corporate business professionals, MD’s, PhD’s, attorneys, bestselling authors and clairvoyant or use clairvoyance in their chosen fields.

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